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Phil Rock: America’s Cash Machine King

Phil Rock: America’s Cash Machine King

Phil Rock is Founder/CEO of ATM Network, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1996. Phil created one of the most innovative and fastest growing independent ATM companies in North America and now ATM Network partners with more than 4,000 merchants to provide customers with quick and easy access to cash, ATM Network works to offer a full service of ATM programs.

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ATM Entrepreneur, Phil Rock, Donates To Disaster Victims.

ATM Entrepreneur, Phil Rock, Donates To Disaster Victims.

In 2004, Rock set precedent in the cash machine industry by donating a substantial percentage of ATM Network’s sales to the American Red Cross and its International Response Fund to aid victims of the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami. “Through my travels, I have connected with the people of Indonesia, a country devastated by this disaster. I am sure these people and the many others affected will find great use for our donation and re-build quickly.”

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Phil Rock: Entrepreneur magazine

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“Money: That’s what they want”

When Phil Rock talks about the power of cash, he isn’t being trite. Rock 43 has an intimate relationship with cash: The company he founded in 1996, ATM Network Inc. supports more than 4,600 ATMs and is one of the largest providers of nonbank ATM machines in the country. So when he says, “Cash is King”, take note. “When people have more money, they spend more money.” says Rock